Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wizards of Waverly Place with Suite Life on Deck

Alex Russo was the girl that every guy wanted to be in bed with, she had the hips of a porn star, so slim and curved. She had a flat stomach, her boobs rounded and perky, you could see her tit through her shirt sometimes. Her ass was a round, perfect ass. It jiggled a little as she walked. Her black, shiny hair glimmered in the sunlight, looking so smooth. Her young sexy body got even some girls' attention, Alex was almost forced into lesbian sex once.
As she walked through the hallway of Tribeca Prep she saw her want to be boyfriend, Jack Scott. The reason she liked him was because of his blonde hair and his bulging muscles. But she had always imagined having sex with him. Jack approached her. "How would you like to come to my house around seven so I can help you with your math homework?" Jack asked.
"Sure, I'll be in detention until 6:30 so that won't be a problem." said the sexy brunette.

Later after detention, Alex headed to Jack's house. She finally found it. It was breath-taking, it was a house made completely out of stone, with tinted glass. There were no cars there so Alex assumed that Jack was home alone.
"Perfect, maybe I'll be able to have sex with him" Alex thought to herself.
She entered without knocking on the door. Jack greeted her instantly. Jack took out his mathbook, and Alex smacked it out of his hand and dropped her book bag. Drug Jack to a random bedroom. "This is my parents bedroom." stated Jack. So he drug Alex to a bedroom, apparently his. Alex shoved him until Jack fell into a bed. Alex stood at the end of the bed and stood there. Jack stood up, understanding what was going on, went up to Alex and reached for the hem of Alex's shirt and pulled up, Alex put her arms up and remembered something. She forgot a bra today! Jack was almost to her boobs and Alex pulled down on the shirt. Jack stood in confusion, and looked closely at her shirt, he saw through it and realized she had no bra on. "It's OK Alex, I don't mind if you have no bra on. With her arms still down she got up the courage and pulled up the shirt, showing her nice medium, round boobs. And Jack yanked her pants down with a ripping sound. Alex's panties and short shorts were rippid in thirds. She didn't seem to mind. So Jake picked her up and tossed her in bed, where she froze in fear of missing the bed, but she got there. Still frozen, Alex saw Jack climbing on top of her. He grabbed her boobs and turned her a little and smacked her ass. He smacked it HARD! Selena screamed in agony and then was back on her back, Jack squeezed her boob harder, and harder.
Alex screamed out again, then spanked harder than the last time, Alex was in so much pain, it didn't matter who it was. She smacked Jack accross the face. Resulting in yet another hard spank.
She screamed and tried to escape but was pinned down by Jack. Jack pinned down her arms putting his legs on them, putting himself in position to get his balls bitten, so Alex bit him, he yelled and jumped off. Alex ran off forgetting about her clothes. Crying all the way home, she entered the empty sub shop, up the stairs, and into her room. She rubbed her extremely red ass.

On The S.S Tipton
"Captain, why are we slowing down?" asked Mosby. "We are running out of fuel,sir." said the captain. They docked in New York for fuel. "We will be in NY for 3 months." said Mosby.
The gang walked out, Cody, Bailey, Zack, and London. They walked for about 20 minutes and noticed a Sub Shop called the "Waverly Sub Station". They walked in and Immediately saw Alex and all of their jaws dropped, except for London who only thought about herself. Bailey smacked Cody for staring at Alex. "I'm your girlfriend, remember?" said bailey. They all walked up to her and asked for the Specialty Sub. Bailey was the last one at the counter, so she asked "What's got you down?"

Alex said "A boy I liked tried to have sex with me, but instead he stripped me and squeezed my boob hard and spanked me as hard as anyone ever could. "You wanna see the red marks?" she asked. "Sure."
Alex pulled down her pants and Bailey saw Alex's pussy, she loved the sight, but then Alex turned around and Bailey saw the red marks, she couldn't help herself. Bailey reached for Alex's ass. Alex saw the hand and swatted her hand. "What's wrong with you?" Alex asked.

Later, Alex went to her room and sat on her bed. All of a sudden, she hears the door open. She jumps up in surprise. Bailey then walks through the door, "Is this Alex's room?"
"I'm right here, are you blind?"
"Oh sorry, I was just anxious to see you." said bailey.
"Why???" asked Alex with confusion in her voice.

Bailey approached Alex, Alex ran to a wall, trying to get away from this slut.
Bailey kept getting closer until she was close enough to lick Alex. Bailey leaned in for the kiss, Alex dodged but was not fast enough to dodge the boob grab. ''Here we go again" Alex thought to herself.
To Be Continued..

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